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3-D Printed Replica Coil Covers:

Plasic reproduction of the coil covers for sounders and other instruments.  Two options are available: black with black end pieces or in a dark brown with black end pieces.

Two 0.040" dia. holes are located in the bottom cover for coil lieads and the top cover has beveled edges.  Bottom and top covers may be glued to the coil cover with a plastic cement suitable for polystyrene/ABS materials.

A dimensioned drawing will be avialable soon.

About Us
We specialize in:
  • Creating unique items for the telegraphy enthusiast and ham radio QRP enthusiast as well as creating functional art items in wood and other materials.
  • Electronic design consultation, specializing in RF & Microwaves, PCB layout, and prototype assembly.
  • 3D printing services based on customer supplied models or custom 3D modeling.

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