Functional Art?

What in the world is "functional" art? Throughout the ages, things originally designed and made for everyday use have sometimes transformed into objects of art. Consider well-made furniture, hand tools, and other antiques. Even modern electronic designs and layouts have been transformed into works of art. I prefer to create things that can serve a useful purpose rather than something to just be looked at and appreciated. A well-made pen, for example, is a joy to write with but can also be an object of beauty.

I specialize in small, mostly lathe-turned items such as pens, pencils, letter openers, bottle stoppers, and even toys. On these pages you will find examples of many of the items I've made. Consider them as starting points for your imagination. I use high-quality hardware kits and have a variety of woods and materials in stock, but others are available - the choices are virtually unlimited. As I add more to the site, I will start to indicate the items that are in stock and available for quick shipment. However, since most of these pieces are custom, please keep in mind that time must be allotted to order materials and hand-craft the finished product. I am always happy to discuss your desires/needs to create your personal functional art piece.

I order only from reputable suppliers to ensure sustainablity of the wood, especially the exotic species.

Olivewood Set
Purpleheart Pen and Pencil
Inlay Pen
Throwing Top